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Discover a new era of translation excellence with Accelingo’s AI translation services. Our revolutionary approach leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence to unlock unrivaled accuracy in every translation. Powered by advanced algorithms and vast language databases, our AI-enhanced translation solutions redefine the boundaries of precision and speed. Experience the future of language localization with Accelingo and embrace the possibilities of AI-powered translation today.


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Personalized style guides for precise AI translations

At Accelingo, we redefine the boundaries of AI translation services through meticulous attention to detail. Our first step involves a collaborative journey, working closely with you to create a customized style guide. By understanding your brand’s unique tone, voice, and business particulars, we curate a guide that becomes the compass for our AI translation process. Delving even deeper, we gather insights into your target audience’s demographics and characteristics, ensuring culturally relevant and precise translations. This bespoke style guide empowers us to select the most fitting machine translation (MT) engines and profiles, resulting in exceptional translations that resonate with your global audience.

Harmonized terminology for maximum impact

Consistency and precision are the cornerstones of effective communication, and at Accelingo, we recognize their paramount importance in the realm of AI translation services. In our second step, we collaborate closely with our clients to curate a comprehensive glossary or terminology database. This invaluable resource captures the essence of your brand, industry, and SEO requirements, ensuring the translation of relevant terms that resonate with your audience. Our skilled linguists work alongside your in-country staff to meticulously translate and refine your terminology, maintaining accuracy and cultural relevance. Once approved, this terminology is seamlessly integrated into our machine translation (MT) glossary, empowering MT engines to deliver consistent translations aligned with your preferred terminology.

Translation memory for ensuring consistency in AI localization

At Accelingo, we harness the power of translation memory to unlock unrivaled efficiency and consistency in AI localization. Our third step involves creating a dedicated database for your company, meticulously storing every translated phrase from your localized content. With our linguists’ expertise, each phrase is translated only once, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. This stored content within your personalized translation memory becomes a valuable resource, enabling instant and automatic website translations at a fraction of the cost. Your brand voice and cultural nuances are preserved, empowering you to amplify your global presence effortlessly.

Algorithmic selection for efficient and accurate AI translations

At Accelingo, we prioritize seamless efficiency and unmatched accuracy in our AI translation services. During our translation process, our advanced tool employs algorithmic selection to identify the optimal machine translation (MT) engine for every segment of your content. By analyzing repetitive patterns and terms, our algorithmic selection process ensures faster, more accurate human-quality translations while optimizing cost-effectiveness. This automated approach allows for consistent translations across your content, reducing turnaround time and enhancing linguistic precision.

Linguist-in-the-loop post-editing for maximum quality

Our final step involves linguist-in-the-loop post-editing, where our professional translators, well-versed in your industry and brand, meticulously refine the machine-translated content for maximum accuracy. Through this collaborative process, we enrich the translations, capturing industry-specific terminology and ensuring your unique brand voice shines through. The meticulous output of this post-editing is stored in your translation memory, ready to be seamlessly utilized in future translations. Witness the exceptional quality that comes from combining human expertise and advanced technology with Accelingo’s linguist-in-the-loop approach, and elevate your global communication to new levels of impact.

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From personalized style guides and comprehensive glossaries to leveraging translation memory and implementing linguist-in-the-loop post-editing, our meticulous AI translation services ensure the highest quality translations while preserving your brand’s voice and cultural nuances. Experience the transformative power of our AI-driven solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation, where our experts will understand your unique needs and expectations, allowing us to suggest the most suitable solution tailored to your business.

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