Slide Professional translation as a business driver for global growth and profit (cover) 40 Questions to expect from a translation agency (image) 40 Questions to expect from a translation agency (title) 40 Questions to Expect from a Translation Agency A Surefire Way to Know if You’re Betting Your Money on the Right Language Services Provider

Familiarize yourself with the questions a professional translation agency will ask you and choosing the right translation vendor will be a bliss

In “40 Questions to Expect from a Translation Agency,” you’ll become familiar with the questions a language services provider (LSP) may ask you about your company, strategy, needs, expectations, resources, technology, processes, content, and linguistic assets.

Your answers will help them know if they can:

  • Fill in potential gaps in your globalization strategy
  • Convey your brand’s image appropriately into foreign markets
  • Ensure successful and smooth cooperation
  • Reduce costs and turnarounds while delivering quality work
  • Guarantee consistent, accurate results that satisfy your needs

Knowing what questions you should hear during your selection process will help you choose the professional translation agency that will help you take over the world!

But don’t take our word for it…

“Accelingo has contributed to our success in the Nordics. Having had only positive experiences with them, we value their professionalism and outstanding accuracy.”

Paul Willers
Paul Willers - Medicom Medical Publishers

“The translation services of Accelingo have accelerated our access to our target markets. We’ve been particularly pleased with their quality and speed.”

Juuso Anteroinen
Juuso Anteroinen - Noccela

“Accelingo helped us prepare our Babelnet app to enter the Spanish market. We really appreciate their support and speed when dealing with our translation requests.”

Martin Moucha
Martin Moucha - OKsystem

“Accelingo helps us offer our clients a topnotch, timely multilingual service that drives engagement and helps us and our clients grow our businesses.”

Professional Language Services Client (Mark Terry-Lush)
Mark Terry-Lush - The Honey Partnership

Want to know if your LSP is asking the right questions to cater to your needs?