Why Outsourcing Translation Services Beats Using In-House Translators

Why Outsourcing Translation Services Beats Using In-House Translators

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Save Time, Money, and Hassle by Outsourcing Translation Services

Talented translators are hard to come by these days. It is especially difficult to find someone who has the experience and expertise to introduce your brand to foreign markets. Rather than banging your head against a wall with in-house translators, consider outsourcing translation services to the experts.

1. Handling the Ebb and Flow of Translation Work Is Not Feasible for Most Companies

The work of localization features wild fluctuations in time demands. For instance, when you are creating source content for your website or other marketing materials, there is little for translators to do. Yet, once it’s ready, you need a team ready to go.

An in-house translation team is out of the question for a task like this. You get rid of the entire hassle of finding, hiring, and managing a staff that is willing to deal with constantly changing workloads when you outsource translation services.

Human error is also much more likely during the high-pressure peak translation periods. And, if you have a small team with no backups, you are in hot water when a translator is unavailable due to personal emergencies, illness, or they just simply find a new job.

2. Professional Translation Service Providers Are Ready for Any Task

Whether it’s technical, user interface, creative, or any other content, writers are well-aware of what they excel at. They also know that they are likely to miss mistakes when they edit their own work. This is also true of professional translators.

Due to capacity constraints, staffing a whole in-house translation team with individuals who are talented at one type of content does not make sense. Additionally, you need dedicated editors to review the work when quality counts. Employees with other priorities cannot be expected to take on editing work.

When outsourcing translation services, vendors use experts in proofreading, testing and researching, graphics and website design, professional writing, copyediting, and engineering.

Professional translation service providers can take on any challenges they are faced with by having all of the above skills on hand. They also have resources that allow them to handle novel projects.

3. Your In-House Translators Probably Won’t Have the Necessary Highly-Specialized Expertise

Knowing a language is one thing. Having specific insights into the current culture of the market you are looking to enter is completely different. With the speed in which language changes today, you need a translator who lives and works inside your target market.

In addition to keeping pace with the current slang, linguistic nuances, and jargon within your new market, you need someone who understands the culture of your target audience and the competitive landscape. This is especially true for marketing translation.

On top of all of this, it is unlikely your in-house guy has the translation chops to deliver extremely specialized translations for industry-specific content, such as medical, engineering, or legal content.

In order to obtain the expertise necessary for top-quality translations that reflect industry-specific lingo, linguistic nuances, an understanding of the business culture of a locale, and well-researched subject matter, professional translators study for years.

4. An Outsourced Translator Must Deliver Results to Survive in a Competitive Industry

In 2016, CSA Research predicted that the market for outsourced translation services and technology would surpass $40 billion.

Needless to say, the language translation industry is highly competitive these days. Each professional translation service provider wants to help your organization succeed as it expands into new markets. We know that when we help you succeed, it will lead to increased business for us.

Therefore, when outsourcing translation services, firms will compete for your initial project as well as to retain you as a customer. Our top priority is to remain responsive to your needs and deliver on our promises.

In other words, we are much more accountable than an in-house translator. It is easier to dump a vendor than someone you have invested time and money in training, especially if you have strict employment laws in your area.

5. Get More Value out of Your Investment

Your resourcing costs are high when you have so much translator downtime. However, when you outsource to a professional translating service, you can forget about the insurance, recruitment, paid time off, training, and other overhead costs associated with an in-house translator.

Plus, professional translators can bring insights, process improvements, and best practices to the table that they have acquired through working with other customers. You can forget achieving this level of insight from a full-time, onsite translator.

A study by CSA Research found that 75 percent of consumers in non-English-speaking countries would rather buy items in their native tongue. 60 percent will rarely if ever buy from English-only sites.

Consequently, to increase your chance of success, you should consider outsourcing translation services to accountable experts in the market you are hoping to crack into.

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