5 Benefits of Translation Memory Every Startup Should Know

5 Benefits of Translation Memory Every Startup Should Know

5 Benefits of Translation Memory Every Startup Should Know 1920 1080 Sergio Guillén

Reducing Costs and Turnarounds Are Among the Main Benefits of Translation Memory Software

Relying solely on professional human translators is a big mistake. This may sound strange coming from a company that prides itself on avoiding low-quality automated translation machines. However, there are several benefits of translation memory when used by professional translators.

1. Translation Memory Nurtures Increased Consistency in the Translation of Words and Phrases

Before we delve into this list of benefits of translation memory, we want to make sure you know what we are talking about. Translation memory software provides the user with translation suggestions based on the results of the text they have already translated.

Your translations are stored in coherent language unit segments, such as headings, terms, or words. As more translations are performed, the database of word segments has more entries.

This can have a number of benefits, including boosting the consistency in the translation of word groups. Professional translation services must be consistent. We don’t want our finished products to have different translations for the same words.

This does not happen when translation memory is used. The average professional translator would have a tough time remembering how a particular term was translated months ago. They could go back to previous files and search for how the translation was handled before.

However, this takes a lot of time. Instead, we use translation memory to maintain consistency and save time.

2. We Can Get Your Translated Text to You Faster

Speaking of saving time—what client doesn’t enjoy faster turnaround times? We haven’t found one. One of the benefits of translation memory is that it can speed up the entire translation process. There is less redundant work for translators to do when the repository of saved word segments grows.

Linguists can see recommended matches alongside the source material they are working on with our translation memory system. The amount of time spent working on new content is reduced greatly because we can reference past translations.

Consequently, we can deliver your finished projects to you faster and faster. A recent study at Japan’s Rikkyo University shows precisely how effective translation memory databases are in increasing productivity.

3. Translation Memory Reduces the Chance of Skipping a Line of Text

Even when the professionals are looking at lines and lines of text for hours on end, it is possible for them to skip over a line. After all, professional translators are only human. Yet, when humans work with translation memory systems, they can make sure their translations are complete.

There are many different types of translation memory programs. However, they all perform their job line by line in a way that makes it clear if a segment or line is missing. This reduces the chance of human error.

With translation memory, the chances of failing to translate a line of content are reduced greatly, especially when you compare it to translations performed in a Word document for instance.

4. You Will Save Money on Translation Services

The big cost savings over time is one of the main reasons why so many businesses take advantage of translation memory systems in the first place. Thanks to this technology, you save more money the more you translate.

It works like this—your database of all of your past translations is saved in the translation memory. When a new project comes in, the source content is broken down into segments and compared to previously translated work to look for system matches.

Depending on the type of match, any text that has been translated previously will be discounted. The word-for-word matches in the system are known as exact matches. On the other hand, when matches are between 50 and 99 percent similar, they are known as fuzzy matches. These repetitions and fuzzy matches will help you make the most of your budget for translation services.

You can get a more in-depth description of fuzzy matching from Wikipedia (we can verify the article is accurate), but for our purposes, you just need to know that fuzzy matches are generally less expensive per word than totally unique content.

5. Less-Experienced Translators Can Be Put to Good Use

Even after years of experience, even the brightest translators need additional training before they are ready to take on difficult jobs. Another one of the benefits of translation memory is that translators who are new to finance, law, IT, or other specific subjects can still provide usable translations. Can you imagine how much easier it is to translate the user manual for your brand-new medical device when the translator can reference past translations and use your preferred terminology?

This is because the translation memory significantly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to get acquainted with the unique jargon of a particular field. For example, if the phrase “content management system” is already in the translation memory, it will be easy for the translator to plug in the appropriate translation. Even when translating documents, a translator can benefit from a translation memory.

Translation memory is here to stay. And, there are more exciting innovations on the way to help you save money, cut down on turnaround times, and ensure accurate translations. For example, we are excited about “augmented translation” as outlined in this CSA Research article.

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