Business Translation Services: How to Choose the Right Agency

Business Translation Services: How to Choose the Right Agency

Business Translation Services: How to Choose the Right Agency 5300 3975 Sergio Guillén

Professional Business Translation Services Help Your Startup Grow

Professional business translation services are essential for the global reach of your business. As a startup, you need a reliable partner to support you through the expansion process with adequate and high-quality services. Here is how to find the right translation agency for your company.

What Stands Behind Business Translation Services?

According to a Statista report, new startups appear on a daily basis around the world. Hence, it is necessary for your company to win its share of the market fast and to establish its brand both locally and globally.

Language is the key to global expansion. In his article Why Good Translation is the Secret Sauce for Successful International Projects, MOZ contributor Daniel Freedman explains the right message your content needs to send to customers in three simple points:

  • We know you
  • We respect you
  • We have taken the time and trouble to get the details right

Business translation services are not simply translating business correspondence or documentation, it involves website translation, localization of marketing materials, transcreation of your brand message, as well as demonstration of deep knowledge of the legal system and requirements of the local market.

Find the Right Translation Agency and Stick to It—Here’s Why

A trusted partner in the face of an agile translation agency will provide you with much more than a mere translation of your content. Finding the right language service provider (LSP) means that you have a partner, equally passionate about your business growth and company values.

In a recent article, John Yunker, author of Think Outside the Country, points out that you need to support over 40 languages to reach 90 percent of the internet users globally.

But what will happen if you have to work with 40 different vendors to get your localization done? A costly mess that won’t be consistent with your market penetration strategy. Choosing the right translation agency and sticking with it is the key to your success.

The longer you work with a given translation agency, the easier it becomes to scale up your localization process at a lower cost and higher level of consistency and quality. The process of adding new languages becomes much easier since your LSP already has the data and tools like terminology databases, translation memories, and QA tools to back the process.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Translation Agency?

While it is clear that your startup needs professional translation services to show that you really mean business, the hardest challenge remains how to find the right vendor.

Your global expansion success will depend on the quality of the translated content that you will use to interact with potential clients, customers, and partners. It is necessary to invest some time in finding the right translation agency that will provide you with accurate and swift business translation services.

There is a set of factors that can guide you in selecting a translation agency that will offer tailored services and support your startup growth and success. You need to look for an LSP with the following characteristics:

1. Translation Expertise in Your Industry

One of the first factors to consider when selecting your future translation partner is the expertise they have in your niche. It is necessary to choose an agency that knows the regulations of the market you are targeting and can provide accurate translations in the field.

Smaller agencies usually tend to specialize in a certain field and have more experienced and trained translators who are aware of the cultural specifications of the market.

Once you have determined the languages for your global expansion, aim for a translation agency that supports those languages, has expertise in your field, and works only with experienced, qualified linguists who are native speakers of their target language, i.e., the language they translate into.

2. Customizable Translation Solutions

One-size-fits-all is not a solution when it comes to business translation services. You need linguistic services that match your particular needs.

You can discuss your marketing strategy with your potential LSP and check if they will be able to respond to your translation needs in terms of accuracy, speed, and consistency. It is necessary to feel that you will receive a customized product in accordance with your startup specifics.

You can expect customizable solutions if the vendor shows interest in your business—how you plan to grow, what is your marketing strategy, who are your potential customers, what are the unique selling points of your product or service, etc. Asking questions is a sign of professional attitude and commitment to quality.

3. Advanced Language Technology

Make sure that the vendor you have selected has the necessary means and tools to ensure professional business translation services. There should be a balanced combination between CAT tools and human touch to guarantee quality and consistency of the translated content.

Furthermore, the translation technologies used by the LSP should be compatible with your startup processes and software to ensure a seamless flow of the translation process.

4. Great Customer Relationship

Communication is a key factor in high-quality translation. Having a single point of contact—a dedicated project manager—will save time in addressing various issues related to the translation process.

Ideally, the project manager you will deal with will share your passion and show the same level of dedication to your business success as you do. Smaller LSPs usually employ experienced linguists to all of their positions who are able to support the translation process thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

5. Variety of Services

As a startup, your main vision is growth and global reach. Therefore, it is a good idea to select a vendor who offers a great variety of services in the field of translation and localization that can support your vision.

Your business translation needs will grow and vary with the development of your company. Your LSP should be able to handle all your needs—from simple Microsoft Office documents translation to specialized HTML and PHP files localization.

When looking for business translation services, choose a vendor with knowledge of SEO, web design, and app translation, and you will have a partner in growth.

You can find more on the importance of selecting the right translation agency in our paper “How to Choose a Translation Company That’s Right for Your International Expansion Strategy.”

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