5 Steps to an Even Better Global Lead-Generation Website

5 Steps to an Even Better Global Lead-Generation Website

5 Steps to an Even Better Global Lead-Generation Website 1920 1080 Sergio Guillén

Key Strategies for an Exceptional Global Lead-Generation Website

Online lead generation encompasses every component of your business’s web-based brand because every interaction with a client has the potential to result in a sale. Beyond buzz words and psychological tactics to earn clicks, there are five key strategies you shouldn’t overlook when developing your global lead-generation website.

1. Why Homepage Optimization Matters

Imagine you stumble upon a website somewhat by accident. The first page greets you and it has huge photos that slow the page’s loading speed. The content is one full block of text, with no headers or organization of any kind.

Would you stick around to see what this company is all about? Likely not, and the bounce rate for this brand will skyrocket. Without investing time and effort into optimizing the homepage of their website, businesses lose clients before they’ve even earned them.

While the content of your home page varies based on industry and locale, there are a few tips to optimizing the page regardless of its background. The first is to use your SEO skills to plant keywords throughout your text.

Other tips for optimizing your homepage include adding a compelling call-to-action that prompts further engagement. If the homepage doesn’t direct visitors elsewhere on your site, whether to consume content or make a purchase, then it’s not working to its full potential.

Entrepreneur’s article on optimization for online lead generation covers the basics of optimizing your website, focusing on the quality and content of the copy on each page. As the author stresses, good copy is key to optimizing any part of your website. Without clear, attention-grabbing copy, leads won’t grow.

2. Adapt Localization Strategies

Regardless of the intended audience of your website, infusing local language and culture into your site enhances the odds of lucrative online lead generation. Think about it: When customers feel welcome and understood, they’re more likely to click through your website to find out more.

Search Engine Land’s post on global SEO and localization defines localization and offers tips for developing your brand’s strategy. Copying and pasting content from one website to another that serves a different geographic area is not only lazy, but it’s also ineffective.

Localization is merely the strategy which implements these market-specific components and refocuses your site as a global lead-generation website.

3. Maintain Your Site’s Relevance

Dated websites often miss out on lead generation. If customers can’t tell that your site is active, they might move on without knowing what your company is good at.

Ensure that your website copy caters to the intended demographic with current content and that websites for emerging markets continue to align with local cultural and linguistic needs. Apart from establishing a blog on your website, maintain relevance by frequently updating the site with business-relevant information.

Share what your company is working on in a particular region, showcase new products, or incorporate client feedback as fresh and relevant copy on your website.

4. Actively Engage Via Social Media

As reported by Freely, in 2015 the Content Marketing Institute found that 93 percent of organizations employed social media content as their primary means of marketing. Today, if your business lacks a social media presence, you’re missing out on a crucial lead-generating tool.

Social media allows for more than brand development. It creates a relationship with your audience, and through consistent engagement, you earn trust from your customer base.

As the Content Marketing Institute explains, telling a story with your marketing materials translates into high-impact lead generation. Whether it’s printed copy for circulation or social media posts to generate support for a new product, your brand’s unique qualities endear it to followers.

Repurposing evergreen content and promoting products is fine for social media, but also think about what is unique about your brand and share that, too. Rather than visibly pushing for sales, take the time to develop natural channels for lead generation with social engagement.

5. Start Blogging (Or Hire Someone To)

As reported by Freely, Sprout Social stated in 2015 that in the following year, companies that maintained an active blog would generate 67 percent more leads than those without a blog. For a small investment, your business stands to earn a landslide of online leads.

Whether you have time to blog on your own or not, it’s worth the cost of producing regular blog posts and sharing via social media. The beauty of an ongoing blog is that the content you produce can be repurposed in multiple channels, from YouTube videos to podcasts to downloadable eBooks.

A blog allows fans to share your content, not only increasing the amount of incoming leads generated but also building your brand’s reputation as a leader in the field. Because your blog’s home is your website, every post is a step toward establishing a global lead-generation website that keeps working even after your office hours end.

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