5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Language Translation Services

5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Language Translation Services

5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Language Translation Services 1920 1080 Sergio Guillén

Pick a Professional Translation Agency for Fast, Accurate Results

There are several services that promise cheap, fast translations. Freelancers, crowdsourcing, and automated translations are popular for startups in a rush to get to market. Yet, these enterprises soon discover that cutting corners won’t do. Only professional translation agencies get the job done right.

1. If You Want Your Translations to Look Professional, Choose a Professional Translator

You can expect absolute professionalism when you choose a professional language service provider. These companies should be equipped with extremely strict translating processes, high-quality services, and specialized translators in an array of fields.

It is difficult for independent or freelance translators to have extensive experience in all technical industries. On the other hand, professional language services can ensure a higher quality of work by matching your requirements with a translator in your specific domain.

Especially when translating medical content, drawing up contracts in another language, or preparing technical manuals for international markets, understanding specialized jargon and terms is key. If you care about your business’s image, never entrust the translation of your documents to amateurs. A professional translation agency will have a team of expert translators, who specialize in translating complex content into a new language without losing any of the original meaning.

2. The Pros Help You Save Time throughout the Entire Process

If you do not choose professional translation services, what other options are there? You can choose to hire in-house translators, but between the training and hiring process, you are looking at months before you can begin your translation process.

Once you hire your translation staff, the chances are they will take a long time to translate your content catalog. Yet, when you turn to a professional agency, we have a full team ready to take on your project and complete it in a timely manner.

Crowdsourcing and automated translation services are generally seen as fast, but they also have their pitfalls. For instance, the initial translation may be completed quickly by amateurs or a machine, but you still need reviewers and proofreaders to make sure the translation was completed correctly.

We use a combination of translation memory software and experienced translators to complete your work accurately and quickly. Accurate work saves time on the correction cycle. This is just another reason why you need professional language translation services.

3. Only the Professionals Can Spot Common Mistranslations and Fix Them

Expressions and words with more than one meaning are almost always a struggle for machine translation. If you’re still unsure about why you need professional language translation services, just think that if your customers notice that your content sounds awkward in their language, they will lose confidence in what you are trying to sell. This hurts your brand.

The consumer could even end up in danger if there is a mistranslation of medical, technical, or legal texts. For instance, if you have a manual for a medical or electrical device, your caution section must be accurate or someone could get hurt.

A 2013 study by Canadian Family Physician looking at how machine translation was used in clinical practices found that human translation was still much preferred and that machine translation was unable to pick up the nuances of medical terminology.

Words with more than one meaning are a problem for machines and amateurs alike. And, English is full of polysemous words. Just about every word you look up in the dictionary has multiple entries. A professional knows what sense is being used and can match it to the correct target phrase.

A recent study from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies published on Chosunilbo found that human translations are significantly better than translation programs.

4. When Quality Is Imperative, You Cannot Afford to Pass on Professional Translations

Acting as an extension of the localization department, a professional team is available at any time to supply customized quality services tailored to the specific needs of the client.

The seamless services we provide assist in the internationalization and globalization initiatives that will gain you a global competitive edge.

When you hire freelancers to translate documents, your relationship with them ends once you pay them for their services. If there are any follow-up needs, you will generally have to renegotiate a contract and pay more.

This is not the case for professional agencies. We guarantee perfect after-sale services for our customers. Our reputation in the industry depends upon it!

5. Professional Translation Services Provide a Logical, Organized Workflow

How will you submit your source material for translation? How will the finished translations get published on your website? Professional agencies have workflow systems and protocols in place to ensure a consistent process for translating your content.

These protocols make sure the style and tone of the communication are maintained over time and across languages. This also makes it easy for us to scale up as the work volume fluctuates. Freelancers and in-house translators struggle to take on larger loads and complete them in a timely manner.

We use a translation management system (TMS) to manage our workflow. If you are interested in learning more about why you need professional language translation services that utilize a TMS, leave a reply below and we’ll reach out to you.

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  • Wow, Great content and information thanks for sharing with us. If you are a plan to do something new in a foreign country then you should go with the translation.

    • Thanks, David. I’m glad you found our content interesting. When your company is ready to go international and you’re willing to invest in translation services as part of your global-expansion strategy, it’s crucial for your success to find the right translation partner for your business. Basically, a translation agency who specializes in your industry and target markets, is able to adjust to your needs and workflows, combines the right amount of technology and human input, provides a highly skilled, personalized service, and offers you complementary services, like content development or multilingual SEO. Once you’re ready to get involved with a partner like Accelingo, take a look at our white paper on how to choose the best translation services for your business.

  • It makes sense that you should find a professional interpreter who can help save you time when communicating. My uncle is planning on opening a business, and he needs someone who can help him speak to Spanish-speaking clients. It might be a good idea for him to hire an interpreting service that can help him quickly convey his thoughts.

    • That’s right, Stefan. If your uncle is interested in investing in translation services to grow his business internationally, please have him reach out to us; we’ll be more than happy to help him 🙂

  • My cousin is going on vacation and she’s afraid she won’t understand the people that speak a different language. I like how you mention that professional language services can ensure a higher quality of work. Thank you for the information. I’ll recommend my cousin to contact a translation service agency.

    • Hello, Jay. Thank you for taking some time to leave a comment. Have your cousin contact us; we’ll be ready to help him.