5 Benefits of Localization for Highly Ambitious Startups

5 Benefits of Localization for Highly Ambitious Startups

5 Benefits of Localization for Highly Ambitious Startups 1920 1080 Sergio Guillén

Achieve Global Success with These Benefits of Localization

If we told you we wanted to “holiday in our block of flats,” would you understand us? Most Americans would not. The words are still English, but they are not localized for Americans. This is why translation is just the start of localization. Here are some key benefits of localization:

1. Show Up Higher in Search Engine Results

Localization does much more for your mobile app or website than just delivering the right message to your target demographic. It will also provide you with international search engine optimization (SEO). This is much better than putting your hopes in a plugin for your website.

You will move on up the rankings as you localize your site to consider culturally appropriate images, keywords searched for locally, international site speeds, and other factors.

It works like this: You must be visible if you want to attract international customers. This is near impossible to do if your site does not appear high up in the search results for your audience.

If you wanted to attract consumers in your area, you could just optimize your site with a few relevant, popular keywords. But, let’s say you are in the U.S. and want British consumers to check out your model homes for some reason. You would need to refer to these as “show houses.”

You not only improve your rankings when you take the local words into consideration, but you will also experience more success when you cater to top local search engine. For instance, in China, you would want to appeal to the Baidu search engine algorithms.

2. Speak to Consumers in Their Native Language

You can access international markets with nothing more than a website. Multinational conglomerates are no longer the only enterprises that can buy and sell on a global scale. You have every chance of breaking into international markets whether you sell video games, software, apps, or anything else.

However, ignoring the precise needs of your foreign consumers and offering your products in English only will not help you boost your market share.

When you are in the B2C or B2B space, your main goal is to sell more of your widgets to other consumers and businesses. Increasing your profits and breaking the language barrier is easier when visitors can use your website regardless of their native tongue.

In various markets across the globe, website localization has given startups increased opportunities. Plus, you demonstrate the credibility of your organization when you have understandable and clear web content.

You will also stand out as a reputable source in foreign markets when your website offers believable, easy to comprehend information. Common Sense Advisory backs this up. In a recent study, they found that 75 percent of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language.

3. Avoid Making Brand-Sinking Cultural Faux Pas

For a good time, check out these 20 terrible brand translations from Inc. The good news is you will not be the first to make a mistake if you should screw up while localizing your app or website. Yet, you may not get a second chance if your blunder is in unforgiving parts of Asia or the Middle East.

You research the regional vocabulary and dialects when you localize. You present your information in a way that your target market is used to. Correct localization will help you avoid the offensive thumbs-up gesture that is popular in communications in the U.S. but angering in other areas.

Looking for more examples of cultural taboos? This YouTube video will give you a quick crash course:

4. Localization Makes Your Customers Feel More Comfortable Engaging with Your Business

Brick-and-mortar stores are not the only businesses that need to make a great first impression. Online companies must impress as well. Make sure all of the visitors to your site are having a positive experience while building your brand’s credibility.

Positive experiences increase the likelihood of future interactions between you and your customers. The chances of users returning and recommending your site is high when they find precisely what they want.

Social Media Today reported that localization by businesses like Blackberry and Starbucks produced a tenfold increase in interactions with consumers.

5. Give Your Brand an International Presence

Profits are part and parcel with having a recognizable brand identity. Worldwide brand recognition is within reach when you have a localized website. Prospective clients will rely on your company as the solution to their needs when you can speak to them in their own language.

Increasing sales and your customer base are the main benefits of localization. More sales and client acquisition are within reach with the proper execution of your economic localization project.

To achieve all of the benefits of localization, you will need help from professional translators, technologists, native speakers who know the culture, and several other experts. A good language service provider will handle every step of the localization process.

Sergio Guillén

As the CEO of Accelingo, I believe in a globalized world where businesses flawlessly share their message across different cultures.I strive to empower startups to scale up globally and take over the world by providing compelling multilingual content that preserves their brand’s message and identity while increasing their reputation and visibility among global clients and partners.If you’re an ambitious startup hungry for international success, get in touch with me today and let’s find out how your startup can benefit from my expertise!

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