Global Markets: How Eventbrite is Taking Over the World

Global Markets: How Eventbrite is Taking Over the World

Global Markets: How Eventbrite is Taking Over the World 6512 4341 Sergio Guillén

Find Out How Eventbrite is Impacting Global Markets

While once rare, unicorns are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. A unicorn isn’t just a horned horse; it’s a privately held startup company with a net worth of $1 billion. Airbnb and Uber are some of the best-known unicorns, and Eventbrite just saddled up beside them on a quest to take over the global markets.

Using translation to connect with and engage multilingual audiences is a major reason why. Let’s take a look.

What Makes Eventbrite So Great?

Eventbrite works off a simple service plan to distribute tickets to events.

Free tickets are always free, and Eventbrite charges no fee or hidden cost to sell free tickets.

However, they get their money from paid ticket sales. Their packages vary depending on the ticket type, but they charge anywhere from $0.79 to $1.59 per paid ticket, plus different payment processing fees.

Through this fair “freemium” model, Eventbrite revolutionized the ticket distribution industry. According to co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz, before Eventbrite, ticket distribution was wrought with high fees, bad experiences, and little innovation.

These setbacks made it nearly impossible for individuals to self-service or find accessible ticket distribution. But Eventbrite rolled around in 2006 and helped improve ticket distribution for both sellers and buyers.

The right technology and drive made them master ticket sellers. But localization helped Eventbrite expand across global markets.

Localization Helped Eventbrite Expand Globally

Eventbrite’s Senior Localization Program Manager Patrick McLoughlin discussed in an interview with Slator how localization was an integral part of their international-expansion model.

They’ve not only expanded their product to over 180 countries, but they’ve provided a fully customized experience for them, including localized UI, help center, currency, and payment support.

Eventbrite also has an office or legal entity in different countries to further better their international localization and expansion into global markets.

In addition to physical and business implementations, Eventbrite also uses cloud translation management systems to streamline localization workflow.

This also automates string extraction and offers scalable translation management systems without necessitating expensive licensing, according to Slator.

They’re making translations even more efficient by implementing machine translation and post-editing to translate lower-priority languages.

It’s obvious that mastering language localization is key to integrating ticket distribution in over 100 countries. Their translation management system helped establish their reputation, and measuring of linguistic efficiency allows them to continue expanding through most global markets.

While language mastery helped Eventbrite become a financial unicorn, their cultural integration aided their expansion pursuits just as much—if not more.

Culture and Diversity Played a Role in Eventbrite’s Expansion

It’s no surprise that Eventbrite was listed in Fortune’s list of “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials” in 2015 and was voted as the best company to work for in San Francisco seven times.

The company takes internal culture very seriously, gathering people deliberately and crafting a community. They grew from a team of 30 to one of 100 in less than a year, according to First Round.

As their company grew, the strong internal culture gave Eventbrite the strong core to weather challenges and proceed in a linear path of growth into global markets.

Their dedication to internal culture, no doubt, helped them acclimate to local cultures as well, further supporting the efficacy of the company.

Eventbrite works tirelessly to honor local cultures and weave them into core company values. They do not try to force their values onto local cultures.

Their cultural expertise allows them to use a global talent pool to find accomplished people, effortlessly diversifying their workforce. This prevents them from hiring people like themselves through referrals and network effects.

Eventbrite has an organic 50-50 male to female gender ratio and keeps strong role models to attract a balanced pool of talented people. The gifted capacities of Eventbrite’s employees seep into the company’s operations and facilitate global expansion.

Where Does Eventbrite Plan to Go in the Future?

While Eventbrite certainly handled localization with precision and control, they haven’t fully mastered their system.

They’re still working on truly localizing the Eventbrite experience and avoiding ubiquitous approaches. In addition to bettering localization, Eventbrite hopes to improve their customization as well.

However, their commitment to growth in the global markets through developing their localization and customization features ensures measured, fixed steps until the end goal is reached. While these endeavors mature in the background, Eventbrite hopes to expand into the Asian language localization.

No matter what, localization has helped Eventbrite take over the world, and it will help the company expand across numerous countries with non-Latin scripts.

What Can You Learn from Eventbrite?

From localization to superb internal culture, one lesson is clear: Eventbrite became $1 billion company through its commitment to providing the best experience to all who not only use their services but help operate the company.

Translation ability and localization allows Eventbrite to reach an audience spread across the global markets while their need to understand the local culture ensures the company keeps its customers happy and engaged.

Such cosmopolitan business endeavors can’t be achieved without a strong core of diverse, talented workers found through such global integration.

For your startup to take over the world like Eventbrite, value integrating better communication into your business practices through translation services and cultural understanding.

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